• Tahira's Vision

    Stoic for the cultivation of Unity

    Within ourselves, with nature,

    Families, societies, and across nations.


    Shifting away from a false sense of entitlement,

    Moving beyond limitation and restriction,

    That is breaking our communities apart.


    Opening up our minds to think laterally,

    By intermingling the arts and the sciences,

    Stretching our hearts and minds

    To come together as One.


    As we become One, UNITED,

    Commanding things to happen.


    The greatest legacy of her book is one of the focus on Unity. Unity through the intimacy with God as well as through the interconnectedness of the world we live in today."

    ~ Ameerali R Jumabhoy,

    Past Chairman of Scotts Holdings, Singapore



    'Now is the time to get rid of all

    Divisive man-made boundaries & concepts.

    The Tree of Life,

    A unified field of consciousness

    Creating a tapestry

    That commands things to happen.'

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