• Through The Golden Door

    The Doorway to Our Advancement


    A magical & mystical story of a journey from Singapore, Malaysia, Bali & Pakistan.


    "Very magical as it unfolds. I love how all the characters are introduced and then weaved to the central core of “our intimacy with God”, how each plays a part in unraveling the story.


    It is very powerful and written with immense control, yet freedom of a style that is engaging and thought-provoking. I felt the passion & energy as I read. I just love the flawless storytelling, weaving and weaving that intricate carpet of life on Earth."


    ~ Harjit Kaur, Senior Lecturer

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    A Pictorial Book of Poems

    of the Golden Door

    Coming in the future

    A Coffeetable Book that is a poetic and picturesque inspiration. The book 'Through the Golden Door' demonstrates the doorway to our advancement. You have read the book and soaked in the journey.


    Now we go deeper with the inspiriting poetry by Tahira Amir Khan. We visualize with the stunning photography by Shikha Tuli. Inspired by the landscape and people of India, we have pictures and poems interwoven together for a visually rythmic experience.

    Adventures Through The Golden Door

    Coming in the future

    An illustrated series for older children & teenagers. It will be in full color and published in about 15+ volumes.


    With the exciting characters, it will have its own taste of puzzles and paradoxes threaded within the story's magic & mystique.


    Most of all, young readers will be introduced to concepts in quantum physics, mathematics, biology, philosophy, sociology and more in a fun & simple way. This series promises to be another "multi-disciplinary wonder".

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