• #GoldenDoorTV

    Educating, elevating & uniting for our advancement

  • Golden Truths

    A Weekly FB Live that goes deep into the questions that arise from the book 'Through The Golden Door: The Doorway to Our Advancement'.


    To watch LIVE, follow Tahira on Facebook.

  • Gold Bytes

    Snippets of Gold, from random topics to special guests.


    A whimsical yet delightful mix of messages for your viewing pleasure. Gold Bytes is a collaboration with Producer, Subra VS of Garang Productions.

  • Golden Door of Abundance

    Transform to become the Unstoppable Entrepreneur. Walk on your Golden Road, grow in wisdom and thrive.

  • SheSays HeSays

    A townhall-style forum which involves communicating with differing perspectives - unity despite the diversity.


    Co-hosted with Renown International Speaker Dave Rogers, SheSays HeSays is carried out Live in Singapore monthly on the last Tuesday of every month, with 5 sessions to date. Learn more.


    Plans are underway to record and live-stream on Golden Door TV for all to see.

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