• Discover Your Truth

    With Tahira


    From the Girl without a voice,

    To becoming a Woman making a choice.


    “There are many Doors”, were the words,

    “But there is only one Golden Door”, she heard.


    “If you choose the one of golden-laid,

    A Truth-speaker awaits in you,” He said.


  • About Tahira

    Spiritual Messenger & Advocate for Truth

    She is driven not only to reveal truths to the world through the written or spoken word, but to transform them through her practical business and technology skills into real world creations. Her approach is to work with other Truthtellers and raise up armies of Truth-Creators for this World.


    Tahira spent 20 years in technology with IBM, Digital Equipment, and co-founded a million dollar technology company headquartered out of Singapore. She portrayed herself with a bold front as a businesswoman, when in essence, fear ruled her life till adulthood. Steep in a world where disunity and isolation took precedence, signs of cracks began to show. If that was not enough to break her, it was the years of unresolved trauma which finally pushed her off the edge. Molested as a young 13 year old while in Pakistan that left her voiceless for a year. A "soul death" experience in 2013 that led to her re-birth. Her encounter in Heaven in 2014 that changed her life forever.


    Like a caterpillar sealed in its womb for a massive transformation, Tahira decided to take extreme measures to re-mould herself and her life. In 2015, she placed herself in near-isolation in the first 9 months, she immersed herself into a self-induced solitary confinement – her ‘cave’. She read, researched, wrote, prayed and meditated, and for the most part of it food was limited to one small meal a day or sometimes nothing. Sustenance was the last thing on her mind.

    Tahira Amir Sultan Khan

    Emergence of the Polymath - Author, Poet, Philosopher, Artist, Technologist, Futurist, Inspirational Speaker & Activist

    January 2016 began and she emerged mentally, physically and emotionally transformed. Through the Golden Door: The Doorway to Our Advancement was birthed. A 426-page book that seamlessly integrates more than 9 disciplines to deliver a message on unity - unity for this planet, across religions, cultures, societies, nations, with nature and spiritually.


    From technopreneur to a storytelling Renaissance woman, she masterfully interleaved the various faculties of the arts and sciences like an intricate piece of woven art. The final revelation of the keys to the Golden Door and the revelation of the Secret Door, the hidden truths for the emergence of the New Human and a transformed Planet Earth. Learn about her books.

    Tahira Amir Sultan Khan

    DISCOVERING YOUR PERSONAL GOLDEN DOOR - discover your Truth with Tahira

    Tahira made the drastic decision to leave the "traditional" business world to fulfil her destiny to be a Messenger and Facilitator for Truth in this world.


    From years of meditation, fasting, researching and numerous supernatural encounters demonstrating miraculous healings, instantaneous healings and receiving divine wisdom, she is now ready to help you discover your Golden Door of Truth. Once you do that, you are become what you never quite imagine as you walk and talk your Truth.


    The program begins on 1st April 2020. Learn more.

    Golden Door - Truth & Integrity of the Written Word

    GOLDEN DOOR AWARDS - a platform to raise up the Truth-Writers & Truth-Creators of the World

    From Storyteller-on-a–mission to also a Public Speaker. Tahira’s passion overflowed to well-wishers and enraptured readers, stoic in a mission to her share wisdom. Support poured in from all sides as she was invited to speak on talk-shows and conferences. She collaborated with Spirit of Enterprise Winner and Public Speaker Dave Rogers, TEDTalk Speaker Joanne Flinn, TV personality Dr Mel Gill as well as renown Literalist Dr Kirpal Singh.


    Eventually, she masterfully blended her technology background with the literary to create the visionary initiative, Truth movement and platform for the Truth-writers - GOLDEN DOOR AWARDS.

  • The Recognition She Received


    Nominated for the Pioneering Woman Leader Award

    GOLDEN DOOR is recognised on AsiaOne, Business Insider, HR Asia as the World's First for Truth & Integrity of the Written Word (21st Feb 2020)


    REX Karmaveer Chakra Award instituted by iCONGO and the United Nations (GOLD Medal)

    Guest of Honour at the World Women Leadership Congress (Asian Women Leaders - Singapore)

    Strong Advocate & SpokespersonWorld Vision's CEFM project (to prevent child, early, forced marriages).


    Asia Pacific Golden Brand Award for 'Through The Golden Door'



    Appointed as the Singapore Ambassador for Unity-in-Diversity of the Global Dialogue Foundation (in collaboration with the United Nations of Civilizations)


    ASEAN Lady of Excellence Award


    First female President of Mobile Alliance, an initiative of International Enterprise (of the Singapore Government).

  • Her Books

    Golden Truths (vol. 1 of the book series)

    Truth is Unifying

    Golden Truths is a compilation of inspirational stories of truth and unity from 30 renowned change champions and gifted unknowns from across 5 continents. With the first volume set to be released on the 5th of September 2020, this book series is in honour of her late father, Taher Amir Khan who was the inspiration behind its concept.

    Through The Golden Door

    Through The Golden Door

    The Doorway to Our Advancement

    A magical & mystical story of a journey from Singapore, Malaysia, Bali & Pakistan.


    "Very magical as it unfolds. I love how all the characters are introduced and then weaved to the central core of “our intimacy with GOD”, how each plays a part in unraveling the story. It is very powerful and written with immense control, yet freedom of a style that is engaging and thought-provoking. I felt the passion & energy as I read. I just love the flawless storytelling, weaving and weaving that intricate carpet of life on Earth."


    ~ Harjit Kaur, Senior Lecturer.


    Order the book here.

  • "Tahira’s vision of using the "Golden Door Awards" to support and inspire writers focused on honesty and integrity is such a praiseworthy one – fully worthy of our support.


    In a world seemingly unable at times to note the difference between truth and falsehood, where lies and “alternate truths” are unashamedly put forward, this initiative is a needed boost for greater courage to speak honestly."

    ~ Cathy Johnson, Inspirational Speaker, ICF-Certified Professional Coach, Mentor, Mediator, Professional Facilitator, President of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore

    "Tahira has a brilliant mind with an ability to predict future events with uncanny accuracy."

    Dr Joaqium DeSouza, Businessman, Technologist & Polymath, Italy

    "The greatest legacy of Tahira's book "Through The Golden Door : The Doorway to Our Advancement" is one of the focus on Unity. Unity through the intimacy with GOD as well as through the interconnectedness of the World we live in today."

    Ameerali R Jumabhoy, Chairman of Scotts Holdings, Singapore

  • Allow Tahira

    To help you reach

    Your True Destiny

    Your True Destiny

    Like a carpet woven on a loom.


    Underneath you cannot see

    What pattern is coming out,

    But perhaps if you could see on high,

    The pattern that is beginning to show.


    So if you keep your hearts pure and bolden,

    Your Destiny will be Golden.

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