• Discover Your Golden Door of Truth

  • Find your Golden Door, and start living a Miraculous Life

    Clear Challenges - Heighten Awareness - Manifest Miracles. Go deeper and deeper. Reach higher and higher than you have ever been.

    Transform and manifest miracles into your life

    Nothing is too Big for you. Nothing is impossible.

    A program that creates higher levels of thinking that greatly enhance awareness, intuition, Higher Purpose, life planning, productivity, physical transformation and your ability to manifest.


    With the objective of creating an enjoyable, meaningful and purposeful life, we invite you to participate in this program as a life-changer.


    Taking the First Step & beyond

    The first step of all growth and change is "awareness". Next is "letting go", and bringing in GOD's place into our lives, and then beyond.

    Through the process, we will take you on a journey to discover your Personal Golden Door - that is, your Higher Purpose, as part of His plan for you on Earth. Transform from your "smaller" Self which is robotically reacting, thinking and doing the same things, and discover the Giant version of YOU!


    What is your Personal Golden Door?


    Discovering your Personal Golden Door is just the beginning. There may be more Doors that will be revealed through that Door. From your Higher Purpose to specifically your Calling. Is there a difference? Yes, there is.


    Are you ready to face the unknown? Are you ready to see the Truth that your Personal Golden Door has to reveal to you?

    Be guided by a person who has lived a life of miracles, despite adversities

    Be guided by a person who has gone through it all and defied so many pitfalls. You will accelerate!

    Through her intimate relationship with GOD, she has been able to transform herself from a once sickly and suicidal woman to being fearless and manifesting miracles regularly in her life.


    Overcame Her Greatest Fear


    Sexually assaulted at 13 in Pakistan, leaving her humiliated and almost "mute" for an entire year, she overcame her greatest fear of public speaking.


    In 2017, she was the Co-Host of a 1000-person conference in Singapore. She co-hosts the monthly townhall forum SheSays HeSays, appeared on TV/Radio, acted in a short film and is the Host of Golden Truths.


    A Renaissance Woman (as featured on Guru.sg)


    A self-made technopreneur for 18 years where she would travel with Ministers on government delegations across Asia and the Middle East.


    She is truly multi-dimensional - an author of the award-winning book 'Through The Golden Door', a poet, scientist, consultant, businessperson, speaker, actress, artist, futurist, philosopher, healer, athlete and more.


    Developed an Iron Will, entering into Life of Miracles



    Born with a low white blood cell count and over 15 allergies, Tahira would practically be in bed sick for a full day every month for the most part of her 20s.


    NOW :

    2013 - Through her miraculous transformation. she spontaneously self-healing from dengue within just a day with no medication. Dengue generally puts a person down for 2 weeks to a month.


    2014 - Miracles began to extend to her family. Her father survived 14 cardiac arrests, was declared dead, but arose to live. He is now stronger than ever.


    2015 - Spent 9 months in near-isolation in reflection, research, meditation, fasting, and prayer. From manifesting a 426-page book that is crafted to perfection to manifesting gold on her face. arms and legs after prolonged fasting. (Watch the video)


    2016 - Upon release of her book, she was unsure of her next direction in her life. Gold manifestation on her lips after prayer was guidance from GOD for her to be an Evolutionary Speaker. She was awarded as the ASEAN Lady of Excellence.


    2017 - She took up a challenge on a Reality TV show to do a plank competing with a fitness instructor more than 15 years younger. It was a tie. She was awarded as the Lady of Inspiration. (Watch the video)


    Her Mission to Transform YOU Now


    Now, at 47, she rarely gets the common cold and takes almost no medication.


    In her life, Tahira has experienced poverty and, homelessness spending several days on the streets. Yet, that did not deter her from achieving her dreams.She is strong, stable and fearless and is constantly working on unveiling more and more gifts, abilities and sides of herself.


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  • Reach that miraculous point ...

    As you go through the program, we will guide you as you aspire to reach that miraculous point where you could say, "I co-create my own world. I allow myself to be led by the Spirit of GOD so that I attract the optimal experiences - my Golden Road. Based on my own free will, I am responsible for my happiness. There are no accidents. I love my synchronicities. I am in the flow of life."

  • What People Say

    From Tahira's abilities to her books and her programs, she endeavors to deliver with an authenticity and at par excellence.

    Brilliant Mind and a person who can perceive and predict with an almost uncanny accuracy the state of events as they unfold!

    Joaquim DeSouza, Managing Director at D-Ray International

    Tahira, as an advocate for unity & utilitarianism, has mixed-and-matched teachings from various strong pillars, not an easy task at all!

    Kristen Daria Zuriel, CEO / Missionary at Kristen Zuriel Ministries

    At one point of the 'Discover Your Personal Golden Door' program, we were given a limited time and impromptu to pen a Poem on "Fear and Anger". It brought out the Shakespeare in me!

    Lawrence Chan, Investment Professional

  • The Program in Detail, with some Options

    The menu card for your selection to suit your needs.

    Discover Your Personal Golden Door (Part 1)

    This online program is split into 2 parts over a period of 6 months (part-time).


    Part 1 will be a 7-part (across 90 days) series of training sessions conducted through a Closed Door Webinar. All teachings will be conducted by Tahira. Link to training videos will be provided for your future reference.


    Part 1: Month 1 (2 sessions)

    You may have spent your Life is spent on the surface. Superficial. Reactive. Mundane. Mediocre. Stuck. 'I do not know who I am'. Now to rebuild it and create an Unbreakable Foundation.

    1. KNOW and Heal Yourself. Being aware of the Personal Challenges, Boundaries & Limitations
    2. Awakening Your Awareness.

    3. Preparing to discover your Purpose. Removing the Veils.


    Part 1: Month 2 (3 sessions)

    Go deeper and reach higher with new awareness tools and higher ways of thinking.

    1. Crafting out your Love List

    2. Expanding Your Spirit Man. Expanding Your Experiences. Developing Your Potentials, Power & Personality
    3. Understanding the gift of Single-Tasking.

    4. Going deeper by determining your Higher Purpose and removing more Veils.


    Part 1: Month 3 (2 sessions)

    Now it is time to learn to FLOW within Yourself as led by the Spirit of GOD.

    1. Learn how to manifest miracles

    2. Start crafting out your Circulation List

    3. Going deeper even more by determining your Calling.

    Transformation Plan (optional on completion of Part 1)

    On completion of Part 1, a "Through The Golden Door" Transformation Plan will be share with you verbally for you. The plan involves Tahira and her team working with you intuitively to conceptualize your Personal Golden Door, along with a blueprint for execution.

    Optional: A full report is required with detailed steps.

    Discover Your Personal Golden Door (Part 2)

    Part 2 will be a 90-day guided program where you will begin to integrate the learnings into your own life. This will involve monthly coaching through Whatsapp video calling. Up to 2 hours each.

    Annual Golden Door Retreat (optional on completiion of Part 2)

    Graduates of Part 2 will be invited to attend the Annual Retreat in an exotic location led by Tahira and her team. Get to spend up to 7 days with her for a truly personal experience. From meditation, sun gazing (optional) to barefoot walking, you may experience it all.

    Gold Star Coaching (optional)

    If you feel that you need that extra guidance due to challenges being faced in your life, you can opt for this. It will be conducted weekly for up to 2 hours each session (online or face-to-face).

  • The Recommended Steps

    The prescribed steps, along with the deliverables and duration


    Discover Your Personal Golden Door (Part 1)

    7 two hour sessions conducted online with Tahira. It will a highly interactive session and everyone will be invited to participate.


    (Apr - Jun 2018)


    Transformation Plan

    Tahira and her team will conceptualize your Personal Golden Door, along with a blueprint for execution. There will be a 1-to-1 briefing session with you on a video conference call (up to 1 hour).


    (OPTIONAL : A full report can be crafted for you at an additional cost)


    (End June 2018)


    Discover Your Personal Golden Door (Part 2)

    Supervision and coaching over a period of 90 days


    (Jul - Sep 2018)


    Annual Golden Door Retreat

    On-site for 7 days (OPTIONAL)


    BONUS : Doorway to Our Advancement package

    Get this package FREE if you enroll for all items : (1), (2), (3) and (4).

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    Exclusive In-Person Program (part-time over 4 months)
    Attend this Exclusive In-Person 'Discover Your Personal Golden Door' program in Singapore. Your Investment for a Life Change will be only USD 600 per month.

    Part 1: Up to four Half-Day sessions in the evening conducted face-to-face. Duration is over a span of 30 days.

    Part 2: Up to three 1-to-1 Meetings (2 hours each) and personalized Weekly Guidance. Duration is over a span of the next 90 days.
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    Discover Your Personal Golden Door (Online Program, part-tiime for 6 months)
    Part 1 and Part 2 (part-time for 6 months) starting 26h April.
    Your Investment for a Life Chage will be Less than USD 60 per month
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  • Bonus 'Doorway to Our Advancement' package

    A full spectrum of self-evolvement programs that will help you know and grow yourself, at your own pace, in your own place.

    Sign up for Discover Your Personal Golden Door Part 1 and Part 2, as well as place a deposit on the Annual Golden Door Retreat, and you will get* the following Free of Charge,

    • 7 Audiobooks - Know Yourself, Time Management, Goal Setting, Tracking Goals, Self-Healing, Write/Sketch Your Transformation Life Story, Creativity, Intuition Development, Grow Yourself, Life Purpose and Manifesting Abundance.
    • 17 Email Programs - 2 on Awareness, 7 Smart Questions Series, Meditation, 16 Joy Activators, Expanding the Spirit Man (Spirit Woman), Becoming Limitless, and Relationships.

    • 250 valuable personal and community evolvement resources - 100 Intuitive Answer Lists, 18 one-page, worksheets, 50 journalling tools and more for more clarity, focus, understanding, and deeper experiences.

    *The package will be delivered in late 2018 with 1 free upgrade in 2019.

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