Discover Your Personal Golden Door (Online Program, part-tiime for 6 months)
Part 1 and Part 2 (part-time for 6 months) starting 26h April.
Your Investment for a Life Chage will be Less than USD 60 per month
Coming soon
Coming soon
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Part 1 will be a 7-part (across 90 days) series of training sessions conducted through a Closed Door Webinar.  All teachings will be conducted by Tahira and it will be highly interactive with the involvement of every participant. 
Training materials in Video format will be provided. The Ebook Manual "To Simply Be Limitless" will be provided.
Part 2 will be a 90-day guided program where you will begin to integrate the learnings into your own life. This includes a moonthly coaching through Whatsapp video calling. Up to 2 hours each.
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