• #TahiraGoldenDoorTV

    Evolve with Tahira

  • Golden Truths

    Uniting in Truth


    A Weekly how that goes deep into the Truth, from questions about life, our existence and our needed transformation.


    Are you ready for an alternative view? Are you ready for the truth?


  • Gold Bytes

    Snippets of Gold


    A whimsical yet delightful mix of Tahira's public appearances,


    Gold Bytes is a collaboration with Producer, Subra VS of Garang Productions.

  • SheSays HeSays

    A townhall-style forum which involves communicating with differing perspectives - unity despite the diversity.


    Co-hosted with Renown International Speaker Dave Rogers. Learn more.


    Stay tuned for Season Two of SheSays HeSays in the near future.

  • Golden Door of Abundance

    Transform to become the Unstoppable Entrepreneur. Walk on your Golden Road, grow in wisdom and thrive.

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