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  • A town hall forum based on differing perspectives

    Inciting thought. Inspiring change.

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    What is SheSays HeSays?

    SheSays HeSays incites thought through knowledge-sharing, ignites feeling through personal testimonies and inspires change. It also acts as a platform for a united community offering great connection by honoring differences and uniqueness.


    Co-hosted with renown International Speaker, Dave Rogers, in each session, Tahira and Dave discuss various trending topics or topics that rarely explored openly. This unique platform invites Guest Speakers who are either renown or trailblazers, exceptional in his/her field.

    How did it get started?

    The brainchild of Dave Rogers and Tahira, two people who come from vastly different racial, cultural, educational backgrounds, including life experiences. They decided to come together to create a safe platform for different perspectives.


    They had one thing in common. To come together and allow for fairness across diverse groups and perspectives. Thus, SheSays HeSays supports the mission of the non-profit organization #UnityInDiversity of the Global Dialogue Foundation, in collaboration with the United Nations of Civilisations.

    When and Where is it held?

    The forum is conducted on the last Tuesday of every month in front of a Live Audience in Singapore. If you are not based in Singapore, you can subscribe to the Live Stream as a member of the Through The Golden Door CLUB.

    What people say

    'The Co-Hosts, Dave and Tahira, as well as the Guest Speakers they brought in, have tremendous depth and breadth of experience. They are very good and captivating presenters.'

    ~ Hansel Ang, Inventor, and Entrepreneur of #BlackLionColdBrew


    'The content and discussion was very thought-provoking and helped to bring clarity to life's challenges and dilemmas. It has helped me formulate plans for the future and reinforcing some past decisions.'

    ~ Jeevan Kumaran, Senior Manager


    'Dave and Tahira did well as Co-Hosts. They also worked well together as a team with good understanding of each other's role. There's a warmth and atmosphere of trust that helped them both hold the space.' ~ Anne Chiang, Book Editor


    'Funny, relatable and engaging!'

    ~ Jasvinder Kaur, Cabin Supervisor, Emirates Airlines

    Why you should attend

    Through SheSays HeSays, we aim to build a united, diverse and collaborative community that builds up, grows and evolves with the knowledge, insights, foresight and impactful testimonies infused into this forum.


    The world is changing at rocket speed. There is something almost week in the tech space. From years of change, it is shrunk to months and then to weeks. Time, itself has evolved. It will be hard to measure it accurately.


    You may feel LOST.

    You may feel STUCK.

    You may feel that your Vision is UNCLEAR.

    You have tread on your path ALONE with little guidance.


    Why do it alone when you can empower yourself with a group that will raise you UP ... led by intellectual, emotional evolved and visionary Co-Hosts and carefully selected Guest Speakers.

    Surround yourself with the more Evolved, the Visionaries, and you will eventually become that!

    Each time you attend the forum, you will gain greater and greater clarity. Time is of the essence. NOW is the time work on yourself.

  • Collaboration Partners

    The activities of SheSays He Says support the vision of this global not-for-profit organization.

    Venue partner for the 5th SheSays HeSays on Relationships. (#TVI)

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    Financial training partner.

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