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The Miraculous effects of the 3 Day Fast

Golden Truths, Episode 13, Part 2 - Facebook Live Recording

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The health benefits of fasting include detoxification, faster healing, a boost in skin health, and secretion of growth and anti-aging hormones. It also positively affects the digestive system by boosting metabolism, lowering cholesterol levels, reducing appetite, weight, and obesity. It provides relief from epilepsy, arthritis, pancreatitis, cancer, and cardiovascular issues.

Fasting also promotes the healing process in the body. When food is no longer present in the stomach, the body focuses on other vital functions like metabolic activity and the immune system, rather than digestion which is not necessary until the next meal. Research has shown significant development in the immune system of the intestines and overall health of the subject patients under medical supervision. Athletes are also encouraged to fast during training days, in order to shed excess fat and optimize muscle growth.

Growth hormones stimulate growth and production of cells in the body. The production of such hormones also increases during fasting, resulting in the release of better growth and anti-aging hormones.

When conducting the 3 Day Fast, the body can be stimulated to go into a state of ketosis. In simple terms, it starts feeding on itself i.e. the darker elements - scar tissues, tumors etc. Potential benefits include:

  • Increased autophagy – which amongst other things, plays a vital role in inducing precancerous cell death
  • Immune system regeneration
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increase in neurogenesis (new brain cells)
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