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Golden Truths, Episode 23, Part 2 - A Facebook Live Recording

· Golden Truths

Have you thought about the NEW WORLD? Is it already here? And are you part of it?

PREFACE (an abstract)

Of my 1st book "Through The Golden Door"

"The foreboding question on my mind was where were we heading as a planet was forced to take a slight twist. A New World redefined from what I thought it would be. What was this New World? Just as what is the “old you” and the “new you”; the “old me” and the “new me”?

It was early 2011 when I began coming out of the woodwork. Still deeply entrenched in the world of business where image consciousness was paramount and earthly values were the measure of all things.

Yet somehow life appeared to have come to a grinding halt. I had lost all sense of who I was. Then one day in April 2012. The strangest of encounters. The most curious of visions. A divine wake up. And a subsequent farewell to an existence both mechanical and subservient.

Followed on by the year 2013. A pivotal year. A booming voice of authority broke the silence in my bedroom.

Commanding Voice, ‘God is sending a lot of messages to a lot of people right now!’

I was completely alone at the time. Whose voice was this? Shocked and startled, little did I realize that there was so much more to come. A river of mind-altering communiques cascading through words, visions and surreal encounters.

Month after month, year upon year. At first I could not understand why, but over time I began to see its underlying purpose. I was simply receiving what I had asked for. I had asked an umpteen number of questions over the years. Somehow I was ready for the downpour of answers now. My turbulent life prior to this point had been good training ground; hardships having prepared me well as it turned out. So when the time came it was not so difficult for me to open myself up to receive that which would be, indeed needed to be, revealed.

The blinders came off, comprehension came naturally and the truth that there existed an entirely new mode of thinking became palpable in March 2014. A fortuitous vision that set the precedence for everything that unfolded from there onward - the vision of a Golden Door.

Around the Golden Door was a circumference of many other doors, which though, were as mere shadows in comparison to the magnificence and grandeur of the Golden Door. The Golden Door was closed. I questioned why this door was shown to me. If there were Keys to opening this door, what were they?

I imagined God sculpting the Keys. Without these Keys, we could continue to go around in circles, repeating the same mistakes endlessly until we got it right. I was trying to make sense of it all at least in my own life moving up (or down) an imaginary scale. If this new world was through the Golden Door, would I be part of it? Or would I stay on the barren road of stagnation and struggle?

The deluge of revelations was unceasing and relentless. The people. The startling information. The unforgettable visitations. The life-changing experiences. All leading to the discovery of the aspects needed for the Uplifting.

I realized that these were guides for not only my own transformation but for all of humanity collectively. This led to a journey of invaluable interactions with people as I lived and traveled from my homeland in Singapore to Malaysia, Bali, and Pakistan. Both ordinary and extraordinary people who were living breathing catalysts to the world, giving life and meaning to the discoveries that unfolded before me.

Then came March 2015. The vision of the Golden Door once again, but this time I saw the door opening gradually, luring me in to show a glimpse of a hitherto unknown world. A New World. Accompanied by a sense that it was different this time; the glowing sights, the colors vivid and bright. The whispering sounds. We looked brighter.

The vision of the New World motivated me all the more to discover the Keys to this world - the next level of our civilized existence. I imagined my transcendence collectively with all of humanity, synonymous of a machine-like environment going through a massive upgrade with Keys at each level. Each of us as individuals conjointly with the Planet Earth attempting to make an upgrade as a sum total, almost as if it is happening all at the same time.

The Old World moving onto the New World. The Old World fraught with calamities and upheavals that have been hurled upon us with greater intensity the past few decades. The Old World with our old selves reaching an expiry date. The inflated human egos and deepening thirst for power that has led to world wars, terrorism and unending strife in so many forms on a global scale. Including the financial crises of the last several decades motivated by greed leaving hundreds of millions of people debt-ridden and struggling to survive. The use and misuse of technology from weaponry to nuclear energy. The barreling of corporate and political scandals as well as senseless territorial disputes between nations.

An eternal agenda to control by creating irrational fear. With the spiritual movement that has been going on for some time now, I thought about how more and more people have been aspiring for their own spiritual uplifting, how the internet and mobile and social networks have been bringing people together; how there is a greater concern for the downtrodden, the poverty-stricken and the environment.

Were we moving fast enough in the right direction? Or was this just an endless crusade for our betterment? Although so much good has already happened in the world, as the ripple effect of elevated human consciousness travels across countries and continents awakening the minds of many, so much more work still needs to be done.

The awakening had to accelerate. God preparing me alongside everyone else, for the next stage of human and planetary uplifting. An amalgamation of change in our inner and outer worlds, collectively as each of us sheds the veil and sees with clarity. A chain reaction that resonates and bounces off one person to the next, and on to the next – becoming a huge crescendo that is the revealing of the New World.

Where would the New World launch itself first, if it happens? Will we miss the boat? As events unfolded, I could see the pieces coming together - Heaven on Earth, or shall we call it the Golden Planet? But firstly and most importantly, before we even deem to arrive there what are the Keys to opening the Golden Door?"

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