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You are what you focus on

Wisdom Quote of the Day by Tahira Amir Khan

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So many of us are stuck in a rut. It is not because of talent. Then what is it then?

We all have a vision. Everyone of us has a picture in our mind of our Self, our family and our future. The question is what does your picture look like? Do you see yourself rising higher, overcoming obstacles, living an abundant life? Do you dare to dream beyond your circumstances?

Why don't you change your focus? Lift your eyes beyond your circumstances. Get a higher dream, a greater vision for your life. See the way God sees you. and move forward in the kind of life he has prepared for you.

I lift my eyes up to the mountains - Psalm 121:1 NIV

This is a very important topic and will determine your whole life. No amount of extensive expert numerology, astrological or Fengshui consultation can have as big an impact on your life.

If you focus on the frills, you will only get the frills. It's time to focus on the Core.

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